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AVID Makes College a Reality

Did you know that 42 percent of first-generation, low-income Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) students graduate college with a four-year degree within six years? Furthermore, students who participate in a high school AVID program and attend college are four times more likely to graduate than their national peers. AVID helps make college a reality for many students by providing them with the resources they need to succeed in elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond. 

Through AVID, students learn essential skills like time management, note-taking, and test prep, all of which give them an edge for getting into and succeeding in college.  

"AVID provides more than just college and career readiness skills. The AVID system develops a culture at any level that makes learning experiences rewarding so that students come into school and feel a sense of belonging, confidence, and influence. The AVID culture is not just about the school environment," says Melissa Lopez, AVID coordinator.

Professional Development for Teachers

AVID trains teachers to use proven practices to prepare students for high school, college, and career success. The intent is for teachers to prepare and encourage students to take Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses to succeed in college. AVID elective teachers and core content area teachers use AVID resources aligned with the curriculum standards in their subject areas. All of the students in an AVID school benefit from the training received by the teachers, counselors, and administrators.

AVID in Elementary Schools

In PVSchools, AVID is introduced at the elementary school level at Eagle Ridge, Echo Mountain Intermediate, Desert Cove, Larkspur, and Palomino Intermediate. AVID strategies Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn (WICOR) are embedded in each subject taught. "Students develop the academic habits they will need to succeed in middle school, high school, and college, in an age-appropriate and challenging way," says Ms. Lopez.

AVID in Middle Schools

AVID Excel is offered as an elective for middle school students at Greenway, Shea, and Vista Verde. AVID Excel is designed to prepare middle school students to enter high school with the language skills that will enable them to succeed in rigorous coursework. "The language and literacy needs of long-term English language learners can be addressed through AVID Excel. AVID Excel works by accelerating language acquisition, developing literacy, and placing AVID Excel students on the path to high school AVID and college preparatory coursework," adds Ms. Lopez.

AVID in High Schools

High school students at North Canyon and Shadow Mountain receive information and awareness to apply for financial aid and find and apply for scholarships. "Students who are in AVID for at least two years are more likely to enroll in rigorous coursework than their matched peers. The longer the student participates in AVID, the more likely they are to be more successful," says Ms. Lopez.

Student Perspectives of AVID

“AVID has really helped with my public speaking. I used to never offer to go in front of the class. I’ve been able to learn a lot more because I can ask for help and work with classmates to solve problems. These skills will help me be successful in the future because I will feel comfortable asking for help,” says Chloe F., a seventh-grade student at Vista Verde Middle School.

“I decided to take AVID in elementary school when I got the application to select my electives for middle school. I read the abilities I would gain through this program. A guest speaker came to my elementary school and told us what AVID was all about, the words about preparing for college was the moment I decided to take this elective,” says Angie A., a junior at North Canyon High School. 

About AVID

AVID is an educational nonprofit established in 1980 by one teacher, Mary Catherine Swanson, and 25 students. Today, it’s taught in approximately 7,500 K–12 schools in 49 states across the United States and schools in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Canada, and Australia.

AVID can help make your child's college dreams a reality! Learn more about AVID.

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